Interviews with interesting people from the Blender community and beyond.

Interview: Alicevision's photogrammetry solution Meshroom

Meshroom is a simple to use one-click open source photogrammetry solution which allows you to explore the process of 3D scanning in-depth if you want to. We talked to the Meshroom developer team during FMX.

Appleseed Renderer Interview

Interview: François Beaune on Appleseed Renderer

François Beaune is the project founder and team leader of Appleseed, which is a render engine that is completely open source like Cycles or Luxrender. Appleseed is MIT-Licensed, which is probably the most liberal license in existance. It is availabe for Maya, Blender, Gaffer and other programs.

Aidy Burrows

Interview: Aidy Burrows on Blender in AAA Games

Before joining the team at CG Masters, Aidy Burrows worked on several games of the Legos series at TT games, which is part of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. in this interview, he talks about using Blender at his former workplace.

ken museth

Interview: Ken Museth on OpenVDB

OpenVDB is not in Blender yet, but there are plans to include it in future releases. You might wonder - what is this OpenVDB all about? BlenderDiplom talked with Ken Museth, lead developer of OpenVDB at Dreamworks, about the project and what users can expect from a software that uses OpenVDB.

mato freestyle blender

Interview: Tamito Kajiyama from Freestyle

Tamito Kajiyama is the developer who has worked on the integration of Freestyle into Blender for the longest period of time. Since 2009 he is the maintainer of the project. In this interview, he talks about the history and hurdles of the Freestyle integration development and how motivating it is to have active users in early stages of development.

sean kennedy blender

Interview: Sean Kennedy on Blender in Hollywood

Sean Kennedy is a compositing artist who has been working for the notable studio R&H until it went bankrupt (and got a special effects oscar). In his work he had used Blender every now and then to polish his shots. BlenderDiplom talked to him at last year's Blender Conference.